These Arms Are Snakes Are Afraid Of Us (james_seizure) wrote in bellinghamgossp,
These Arms Are Snakes Are Afraid Of Us

You won't believe the comment a certain asshole from a certain Seattle band left in my journal.

Subject: "slap bitches and move on to the next ho?"

this reflects really badly on you. you must have a giant set of balls on you to talk the kind of shit that you do. karma karma karma karma karma karma karma karma. did you even get a blowjob or hand job or something from crystal for carrying that gigantic flag of hers. guess what? we've got your picture now, and we're coming up to bellingham. 3b, ranch room, factory. i'd steer clear of all those places if i were you. cause you never know when someone that you don't know, but knows you and all the whiny juvenille shit you've been pulling decides to settle a score on behalf of some friends. you talk alot of 'i'm gonna kick your ass' shit. we'll see how tough you are very soon james. we'll see. i bet you cry like the little girl whose hymen got busted in the van the other night at the usshorseshit's show. oh, and about moving away from bellingham. i'd stay really close to mommy and daddy if i were you. who else is gonna feed you shakes through a straw and wipe your dirty ass when you are COMPLETELY INCAPACITATED! you know what this is about. you better post an apology real quick. we're talking serious shit now james. you better watch it. i've been following this whole sorry fucking mess and when i do something about no one is going to know anything. it's called PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. do you know what that is? it means that they can't say what they don't know. understand? unlike you, i'm not dumb enough to talk shit from my own computer. i will see you really soon unless you make right all this shit you've been talking.
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